Application Due: January 30, 2023
If you have any questions about Internship Forsyth or Mentorship Forsyth prior to completing this application, contact one of the coordinators below:
Alliance Academy for Innovation (Dianne King) Lambert High School (Susan Fagan)
Denmark High School Laura Adams) North Forsyth High School (Hailey Brock)
East Forsyth High School (Hailey Brock) South Forsyth High School (Nancy Ruff)
Forsyth Central High School (Lauren Westbrook) West Forsyth High School (Marelle Bowers)
Student Information:
Preferred Name:
Date of Birth:
Student ID:
Personal Email:  (not school email address)
Personal Cell:
Home Address:
School Information:
I am currently enrolled at:
I will be enrolled next year at:
Next year I will be a:
I understand I must be age 16 by September 1st to participate. I will be age 16 on or before September 1st.
I am applying for the 23-24 IF/MF program as a:
I am applying for:  
Although I understand my school schedule will ultimately determine the number of periods, I request to participate in the following number of total periods:
If possible, I would like my periods scheduled at the:
My Dual Enrollment (DE) plans for next year:
If selected, I request to drop the following elective(s) that I originally requested to take next year:
  First Drop Choice:
  Second Drop Choice:
  Third Drop Choice:
Parent/Guardian Information:
Email Address:
Cell Phone:
Work Phone:
NOTE: Communication will be regularly distributed about the program, along with parent permission sign-offs. Please list a parent/guardian who actively checks email, and ensure the email address is accurate.
Pathway/Career Information:
My Career Interest/Goal is: 
Explain why you are interested in this particular career field. Describe how your career objectives, previous work/volunteer experience, and special skills would benefit an employer/business in this field. Also, describe any barriers you may feel you have to reaching your career goal.
I am currently enrolled or have completed courses in the following pathway(s): 

I am currently a member of the following CTSO(s): 

Placement Information:
Self-placements are helpful and often approved first.
Are you currently working/volunteering and would like to use your current position as your placement?
Are you already in contact with a local business or on-campus business (ex. Catering in Culinary Arts) about a position in your pathway?
Additional Information:  
I will have reliable transportation and can travel to my work location(s):
I will be free from additional responsibilities/obligations outside normal school hours that could interfere with an internship at the time/periods I have selected. (ex. sports, school or community activies, dual-enrollment, part-time job, family/childcare)
I currently have no more than 5 absences and/or tardies for the year.
Other Required Information:
Applicants must list two teacher/school references who can complete a recommendation form on your behalf. One reference must be your pathway teacher. You will be receiving a separate e-mail with a link to submit reference names. The e-mail title will read "Do Not Reply".You will need to have ready teacher names and email addresses to enter.
Application Certification:
- I qualify for application to Internship Forsyth and/or Mentorship Forsyth based on admission requirements.
- I authorize Forsyth County Schools to release information related to my child’s academic and attendance records to the Career Development Coordinator and potential employers, and I agree that Forsyth County Schools and its agents will be absolved of any responsibility in connection with such a release.
- I understand that prospective employers may require drug screening procedures and up to date vaccinations. In such cases, this procedure becomes a condition of participation/employment. I recognize and understand that failure to comply with required substance screenings or a positive test result on an illegal substance screening may result in a loss of work site and/or removal from the program.
- I hereby authorize the school or the work site employer to secure emergency medical treatment for my child. I assume all financial responsibility.
- The Career Development Coordinator and/or employer/mentor may wish to photograph participants in the program for promotional or education purposes. I consent to be photographed for promotional and education purposes. Parents: You must submit in writing to the Career Development Coordinator should you wish your child NOT be photographed for such purposes.
- I certify that the facts contained in this application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge and understand that, if selected for this program, falsified statements may be grounds for removal. I authorize investigation of all statements contained herein, the references listed in this application, all information concerning previous employers, and release all parties from liability for any damage that may result from furnishing the same to the Career Development Coordinator.
- If I am accepted into Internship Forsyth or Mentorship Forsyth, I will:
- commit to participate for the entire school year.
- take advantage of every opportunity to improve my knowledge, skills and efficiency in the classroom and my placement.

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Once you submit the application, you will receive an email asking for teacher reference information. Your application will not be processed until references are received.